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Decolonizing the negative meanings of an old tradition

The following is from Sanskrit Origins of Bathala and Bahala at, written around 2013 at an old blog, and excerpted in Wikipedia.

“There are many people who believe the phrase bahala na originates from the Tagalog word Bathala, which means “supreme…

Find the patterns and connect the subtle dots of the past, present and future…

I started jotting these notes down in May 2020. I came to revisit it this December.

This is an invitation to read the following article and then find the patterns and connect the subtle dots of the past, present and future:

Polynesian Seafarers ‘Discovered’ America Long Before Europeans, Says DNA…

A designer’s life

a journey from crayons to cultural activism

Hello, my worker bee name is Perla Daly. I’m driven to use visual design to transmit transformational content.

Here is my story…

Since I was a little girl, I would dream of and loved creating things.

Even though I’d stare longingly at the…

Subtle. Barely there.

That’s your white privilege.

Manifest destiny peeks out of your delicate gossip and sweet giggle.

Obviously those internet haters are on it. Around the world. That’s the inevitable response to white privilege showing up at a Miss Universe competition.

You only meant well. You mean that.


In the Philippines, the aswang is a fiendish, supernatural creature that will drink the blood of an unborn baby. One night, my cousin was found unconscious on the ground. I think the aswang got him!!

When I was 10 years-old, we moved from the coastline town of Marina, California to…

A Filipina yogini’s realization of how the Philippine saying means so much more


In the Philippines, the saying of “bahala na” means negative things for quite a number of people:

For some it means being part of a brotherhood in a gang.

For many others it means being lazy…

I grew up without you

Although I never got to know you, you were still able to take care of us all, even after you were gone.

Mom constantly talked of you. Spoke to you.

I know you loved mom and us. And your mom and sisters. Tita Mer and…

A brown woman’s response to Deadbeat son is a sign of America’s failure to raise boys

Photo by Rene Bernal on Unsplash

This started out as a short Facebook post, but it began to snowball when I wrote out my full range of thoughts and feelings about what Karol Markowicz said about raising girls versus boys.

I began to be curious about Sanskrit words in Filipino languages when I started learning yoga and heard the words guru and mukha, which mean teacher and face, respectively, in both Tagalog and Sanskrit.

Asa is “hope” in Tagalog and asa is also hope in Sanskrit.

Bahala in Filipino means…

revisiting threads in the Pagbabalikloob YahooGroup

Jul 14, 2005

In the book The Self-Aware Universe: How Consciousness Creates the Material World author Amit Goswami describes the basis of colonial mentality:

If we could single out one historical concept that has propelled humans and their societies toward much violence and warfare…


mom, artist, writer, cultural activist—awakenings, connection, kinship, kapwa, decolonization, feminism, ancestral healing, pakikipagkapwa, & liberating madness

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